InstaPlaylist #2

This week’s playlist was a bit of a plot twist, if I do say so myself.

We began with 2 polls on Instagram with 4 themes that I proposed (Throwbacks vs. New Stuff & “Make America Emo Again” vs. Love). The vote had quickly drawn an even split of 50/50. Thankfully, a few straggler votes helped shift the tides, leading to the creation of the final poll: throwbacks vs. “Make America Emo Again”.

Although I wanted to see the emo playlist win, the votes ended up becoming heavily in favor for throwbacks. Because I like to think that this is a fair and democratic process, of course, I listened to your wants (but yes, some emo throwbacks were sprinkled in this playlist). So, here we go with this week’s Throwback Thursday set of tunes! Enjoy!



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