Wow! Has it been a hot second since I’ve posted anything on this blog! But with all that life has brought in the past few months, I had to revive both myself and this site in the only way I know best – with a playlist!

Those who’ve been with the blog for a while know that I’ve occasionally shared curated playlists with songs that I’ve been listening to for specific events or themes/vibes. Recently, to keep myself somewhat sane from my busy work schedule, I’ve been setting up polls on Instagram to see what my friends want to listen to, and have been forming playlists out of those votes. I figured I’d start sharing these playlists on the blog as I make them for everyone else to hear as well!

So, for my triumphant return, this playlist’s vibe is a “happy/energized” one. Enjoy the tunes, and as always, share any song/album/artist recommendations in the comments below. If you have ideas for the next playlist theme, let me know too! Now go jam to your heart’s content!



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