September Recommends

I can’t believe we’ve already made it to September, folks! Wow! This month is already full of new and exciting things, and that means I have a packed list of recommendations for you all! Check them out:

1.     Bachelor in Paradise

Because the summer isn’t technically over yet (if we are going by scientific standards, we still have a few weeks till the fall solstice), so why not add a little more reality TV to your plate? Relive the glory days of summer while screaming over how wrong you were about Dean when you watched the Bachelorette (that may have been a spoiler, but I am giving you fair warning). There are still a few more episodes left, so tune to see what “shocking drama” unfurls!

Airs on Mondays & Tuesdays on ABC at 8 PM (EST)

2.     Coffee Break Italian

On a more serious note, I recently explored Spotify’s podcast selection, and was pleasantly surprised to find a lot of the podcasts I listen to available for streaming. I also discovered and new podcast which teaches the basics of Italian. I actually really enjoy listening to this, and have through 10 episodes already. It is eccellente! Each episode is roughly 20 minutes long and takes you through the main things you may want to say in the language. Having a background in Spanish definitely helped me out because of similarities and cognates. To be honest, I wish I had found this before I went on my trip to Europe – would’ve been so helpful while in Italy! Definitely recommend if you are trying to learn a language – and it Italian is not for you, check out their Spanish, Chinese, and French versions!

Listen to the Podcast on: RadioLingua, iTunes/Podcasts, or Spotify

3.     Bandstand

Image result for bandstand broadway

Just a few weeks back, I had the chance to watch Bandstand on Broadway. I was especially excited since the two leads (Laura Osnes and Corey Cott) are some of my favorite Broadway stars and hold special places in my musical theater heart. My first ever Broadway show was Newsies, and it just so happened that Corey was the lead of that. My family’s first show was Cinderella, and Laura was the lead there. So it was a nice full circle coming around.

The show focuses on the post-WWII years in Cleveland where Cott’s character, Donny, finds himself in a rut in picking up where he left of prior to enlisting in the war. A “Tribute to the Troops” competition is what leads Donny back on track and allows him to form a band made up entirely of war veterans. Though, the overall plot is predictable, it is still a great feel-good show that is worthy of a watch. (Read more reviews here.)

Catch Bandstand on Broadway at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre before it closes on September 17, 2017! 

4.     Queen

Related imageI have to give a shout out to my friend Keena for recommending this to Bollywood movie to me. It has been years since I have found any interest in watching an Indian movie. Don’t get me wrong, I like a lot of Bollywood classics, but the newer films have just become so cringe-worthy. I never really could get through the objectification of women in films, regardless of it being a Hollywood or Bollywood movie. To be frank, I do not need a 7 minute long song where the male lead is lip syncing to a minimally clothed female lead, like #byefelicia. But I digress…

What really drew me to Queen was just how opposite it was to this stereotypical Bollywood movie that I had in mind. We have a female protagonist who is doing some soul searching after her fiance decides to call off their wedding. There’s a lot that has to do with cultures and the Indian diaspora, so for me a ton of (if not all) boxes were checked off while watching the movie. I can’t even begin to explain how much I recommend this movie. There’s great music, cries, and laughs to be had while watching.

Queen is now streaming on Netflix and is out on DVD

5.     Kingsman: The Secret Service

To be honest, I never was a fan of action movies, so I had stayed away from this one for quite some time. Nevertheless, my evasion caught up to me while abroad in London. After watching Eddie the Eagle, I was crushing hard on Taron Egerton (that has since decreased to an occasional swoon, just FYI) so I had to watch Kingsman – logically!

So if you want a younger, less uptight James Bond sort of film, this might be the movie for you. Come for the big Hollywood names (Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Caine, and Mark Strong), stay for the insane action and humor that, frankly, only the Brits could get away with. (Take this as a fair warning, a lot of people found issue with how crude the movie was at certain moments, which I fully acknowledge. However, at the end of the day, this is an action movie. So while there are some potentially problematic parts, I think those are forgivable, especially since every action movie that exists really amounts to nothing and has no real substance to provide to the real world anyway. But I’ll leave my thoughts at that.)

Available to stream on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play.

So why is this on the list? Because the sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle comes out later this month! Get in the loop and ready for some more action, folks!

6.     Kingsman: The Golden Circle

See explanation from #5 – suit up for Kingsman 2! In the meantime, enjoy the trailer!

In theaters on September 22, 2017

7.     The Mindy Project

Image result for mindy project season 6

The final season of the Mindy Project is approaching soon (tragically). The show has been one of my favorites from the very beginning and was so refreshing to see an Asian American woman on the screen. I love Mindy Kaling’s sense of humor and this show has brought me so many good laughs over the years. While you’re waiting for the new season, go back through all the past seasons!

Streaming on Hulu. Season 6 (the final season) debuts on Hulu on September 12! 

What are your recommendations for TV shows, movies, podcasts, music, and books? Leave a comment below!

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