August Recommends

New month, new recommendations! Here’s are my recommendations for August!

1.     Black Mirror:

Image result for black mirror

If you’re looking for a thought-provoking/psychological thriller type TV show to start, then Black Mirror is the one for you. The series takes place in what you could call a possible alternate or parallel universe. It aims to capture how our reality could be shifted or changed given a set of different sort of norms that society has taken on. For example, there is an episode which presents a world in which our lives are governed by our social media presence, the sorts of privileges one gains out them, and the ramifications for failing to partake in those activities. It really is quite interesting and scary at times, but it is a great show that gets you thinking. If you want to throw yourself into an existential crisis, this is the show that’ll do just that. Best part is that you don’t really need to start from the beginning since each episode has a completely different story and cast! (Steaming on Netflix).

2.     New Rules – Dua Lipa: THE. LYRICS. THE. MUSIC. VIDEO. DOPE. That’s all I have to say about this – only recently started listening to Dua Lipa, but I’m already sold on her vocals and music. Good stuff!

3.     Little of Your Love – HAIM: I’ve been a fan of HAIM for a while now, so when I found out they had new music coming out this year, I was excited. Some people have been critical of HAIM for having a sound that is too influenced by the past masters of pop-rock – but I think that is a reason I was drawn to them. There’s a lot of old-timey sounds that you can hear in their music, and I really appreciate that.

4.     Pinterest: Ayyy, here’s some shameless self-promotion here. I just recently started up a Pinterest for this blog. I was super hesitant to do so, but it has been really cool to use. Call it the “grown up version of Tumblr” if you want – I’ve found it to be a great way to organize my interests in a visual format. It’s also been a great way to share my blog posts in a different platform. Though I normally re-pin travel related things, I’m thinking of possibly expanding. We’ll see what happens, it’s only been a week or two since I started pinning, but I’m a fan. Give me a follow here – I’d be more than happy to give you a follow back!

Pinterest DTBT

What are some of your suggestions for this month? Stay tuned for my September picks – until then, happy watching, listening, and pinning!

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