It’s been a while…

After a several weeks away from the blog due to work and travel, I am finally getting back into the swing of things and allocating some of my free time to reviving this blog. That means a ton of new content coming your way from recent travel posts, catch up travel posts, playlists, etc.

First up on the docket is the comeback of my monthly recommendations – July’s got some great stuff coming up, so I’ll be sharing my suggestions things to watch, listen to, and read for the month of July! (Coming soon!)

Next up will be updates on my recent 3 week excursion to Europe, inter-mixed with my much belated Hong Kong series posts. Of course, I couldn’t forget my long anticipated travel posts from my time studying abroad as well as the continuation of my India Highlights series either, so a lot coming from the travel front.

Nevertheless, there is a ton that I’ve got planned out and can’t wait to share, so keep checking back for new posts. Here’s to getting the wheels churning again – stay tuned, friends!


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