April Picks

April showers bring May flowers, or so they say… but this time the showers have brought some new recommends for you all. Enjoy!

1 .    The Crown: In honor of the Queen’s 91st birthday this month (April 21), go back and re-watch (or start watching if you haven’t already) this impeccable Netflix Original. If you never understood why people like Queen Elizabeth II so much (or if you just want more of a reason to like her), this show (although of course dramatized) walks you through all the actual drama that HM had to go through early in her reign. The Crown is the one of Netflix’s most expensive series produced (over $100 million), and you can tell – everything is so well done from scripts, casting, locations, etc. I’ve read that it pales Downton Abbey in comparison, and I believe it. It’s all perfection. Don’t want to give away too much, but there is this one scene in episode 9 that is ~phenomenal~.  (Streaming on Netflix).

2 .     Stuff You Should Know: For those looking to expand their knowledge (and Image result for stuff you should know podcastquickly), SYSK is the podcast for you. I got hooked onto this while I was sick and digging through old podcast archives and landed on SYSK’s Mars episode. The topics covered are wide-reaching from politics to composting. You’re bound to find something that you’ve always thought you should know more about, and Stuff You Should Know is a great place to begin (bye, Wikipedia). Josh and Chuck are a fun duo (check out their website), so set up your podcast queue, sit back, listen, and learn!

3 .     Heatstroke (Calvin Harris feat. Young Thug, Pharrell Williams, & Ariana Grande): More feel good tunes from Scottish treasure Calvin Harris. This has been on repeat for the past few days now.

4 .     Million På Konto (hasan shah): While I was writing my first Copenhagen post, I was looking for some Danish music to listen to and Spotify came in clutch. This song is super catchy and groovy. Definitely give this a listen!


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