Rainy Day Playlist

Of course, an abundance of sunshine in the UK must be countered with a good lot of clouds and rainy weather. In honor of the gray skies and to those still battling through final exams, just like me, here are some mellow/rainy day tunes for you!

Did You Hear the Rain? – George Ezra (If you like this song and are familiar with George’s hit Budapest, definitely check out the rest of his album!)

Seasick Dream – Jack Johnson (Jack Johnson can do no wrong – absolutely love this song)

The Moon – The Swell Season (pretty sure this song was supposed to be part of Once, but for whatever reason it is on the Dear John soundtrack? idk, I don’t decide on these things – good song though!)

Need The Sun To Break – James Bay

Death Defying Acts – Angus & Julia Stone

Why Does It Always Rain on Me? – Travis (Shout out to my boy, John O’Callaghan for sharing this on one of his “Mixed Tape” shows. Also 2 more shout outs to him and the Maine because they are also featured in my playlist below!)

Holocene – Bon Iver (lol I know, I know… everyone literally has this song on their cloudy/rainy/moody/mellow playlist, but whatevs, kids!)

Sour Grapes – John the Ghost (Shout out #2 to John!)

Waiting For My Sun To Shine – The Maine (Shout out #3 to the Maine – seriously, this is the one band that I’ve followed since they started out and I can’t explain how much I love them. Rock on, boys. #emo5eva)

iT’s YoU – Zayn (Solo-Zayn has taken a while for me to get used to, but I must confess, his music does grow on you after several listens, so here’s a pretty mellow tune of his – also he SLAYED this song when he performed it live on the Tonight Show)

This Time Around – The Technicolors (check out the rest of their music, they are phenomenal – Brennan Smiley’s voice is fab!)