Here Comes the Sun Playlist

Because the weather has been absolutely brilliant the past week in London – here’s a new playlist for you all to prance around to while crossing your fingers for more warmth and sunshine. Also, hopefully this will be a good pick me up for all you folks in the midst of final exams! Cheers, kiddos!

“Here Comes The Sun” – What better way to start this playlist than with the Beatles? This is always my go-to song on sunny days!

“You Make My Dreams” – This song always reminds me of sunshine-y weather and also is just an all-around fab tune. (Also, this was in the “Eddie the Eagle” movie – highly recommend watching it if you are feeling down in any way, truly a feel-good movie! A good pick me up if you need a break from exams!)

“Sun Shy” – This was actually on my Spotify “Discover” list and I was hooked on it immediately (good work Spotify algorithm)! I actually like the acoustic version better, but here is the album version which is just as good.

“Golden Light” – TBH, not usually a fan of electronic songs (does this count, idk?), but you can’t deny that it is a catchy song!

“Beautiful Day” – Another classic song, and basically an anthem for the UK about beautiful, sunshine-filled days. This is also a really good song to jam to!

“It All Feels the Same” – Ahhh, I love Tennis (well, the band and sport as well). They have the most beach vibe-y songs and it always reminds me of warm sand and sunshine. 

“Electric Love” – I know this is overplayed now, but also it is just so energy-filling and perfect for a sunny day.

“Move Your Feet” – This is just a really catchy, upbeat song that I had to include. Go ahead, move your feet! (Bonus Song: Shake Your Coconuts – equally as upbeat and so so so catchy – how I miss the early 2000s…)

“Adventure of a  Lifetime” – Just another catchy song to jam to, and a nice surprise from Coldplay’s typically mellow/sad songs!


“Everybody Wants To Rule The World” – Not necessarily the first song you would think of when it is sunny, but it reminds of home, the summer, and the radio that always plays this.

“Radiate” – A more mellow tune courtesy of Jack Johnson. Good for just basking out in the sun.

“Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” – The sun eventually sets at the end of the day and playlists eventually end as well. Here’s a classic Elton John song to wrap up your sunny day!