Back Into the Swing of Things

Hard to believe that just 3 weeks ago I was back at home frantically trying to decide what to pack for the remainder of my stay in London. Fast forward, and I am already in the throes of final examination panic (I know, I know… we still have a few months until then, but alas) and am still trying to figure out how to balance my school work, social life, and travelling escapades. Oh, and throw in a few mishaps such as a broken laptop/repair fees, a continuously malfunctioning IT system at the LSE, and a troublesome laundry system (doing laundry should not take 3 hours…). Needless to say, the past 3 weeks have been insanely hectic and, frankly, unpredictable.


Yet, amidst this unfurling chaos, the silver lining of this term has been my dramatically decreased workload which is a whole lot smaller than it was compared to last term. I finally have some time to breathe on Wednesdays AND Thursdays, and I am really hoping that I can make productive use of those days to either start revising for exams or to go on short trips outside of London (maybe even into Europe?)! Which brings me to my next point. Having not stepped out of the UK at all so far, I am surprisingly not that disappointed. There is always something happening in London itself that it’s easy to get consumed by all the things you can do. There are always great activities happening with LSE’s Student Union/various societies (yay, shameless plug: check out the Photography Society!) Although I missed two red carpet events (Creed and The Revenant), there were still great things happening such as the Lumiere London light festival/installation/art/display event around central London which was stunning and great fun!

(Because my laptop is broken, I sadly only have iPhone quality pictures to share – but nicer ones shall be posted eventually!) I went and saw Room with one of my pals (and got my tweet favourited by Brie Larson!!!). There was even a film being shot right outside of my dorm (yo, what up Hollywood – pls cast me thx).

Film and production crews chilling right outside of my hall.

And of course, it wouldn’t be London without a dose of rain and sunshine and wind and more rain. So all in all, not too terribly cheeky of a start!

Side note: LOL omg I just realised that I’ve sprinkled this post with British English spellings – how delightful!


Well, for now my classwork awaits so I must leave you all with this rather quick update… I hope to get a few more posts up as soon as I recover all my files from my old laptop (RIP). Stay tuned for more!