David Bowie Tribute

I knew the rain all through the night and day must have meant something more than just water on the pavement. This morning I found out that the genius that was David Bowie had tragically lost his battle to cancer. Today, the gray skies and rain really set the mood in London – one of mourning and tears.

Instead of another one of my British Invasion playlists, I dedicate my arrival back to London with some of my favorite tunes by Bowie. Rest in peace, Ziggy Stardust/the Thin White Duke/Starman/David. You were a star amongst us mere earthlings, and you blessed us with your creativity and talents. My heart is still breaking knowing that we have lost you so soon.

Sunday – Really eerie song now that I’m listening to the lyrics closely. But in honor of David’s passing on a Sunday, I begin this playlist with this song.

Never Get Old – Love the guitar riffs in this song though.

Dancing Out In Space – Just a really good tune. I know Ziggy’s dancing out in space now.

Fashion – At one point during high school, this was one of my “on repeat” songs. Super catchy.

Rebel Rebel – Love jamming to this song.

Heroes – Honestly, just an amazing song that no one should keep off of a tribute playlist. (Here is a full-length live version from 1985 which y’all should see)

Black Tie White Noise – Just a really groovy song.

Moonage Daydream – When I heard this was on the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack I already knew it was going to be a great soundtrack. LOVE this song. (Another live version)

Something In The Air – Don’t really know what to say about this song, it’s just a great tune.

Space Oddity – Seriously, anyone who doesn’t agree that David was a genius clearly hasn’t heard this song. Like, what? No one was making this kind of music (or music videos) back in the day! Truly a visionary.

Little Wonder – Great pump up song to rock out to.

The Wedding – Solid instrumental piece. Such incredibly interwoven elements.

Changes – I mean most young people will remember this from Shrek, but you can’t deny the seamless quality of the song between the rock, mellowed-down piano, and jazzed-up sections.

Under Pressure – David Bowie + Queen = Magic; this song always reminds me of home and listening to oldies on the radio. This is also a really good song to de-stress & rage to.

The Man Who Sold The World – Again, such a lyrically well done song. Also if you haven’t heard Nirvana’s cover of this song give that a listen as well.

Ziggy Stardust – I was just going to say that this should have been in Guitar Hero, then I remembered it was (thank goodness). Ziggy Stardust was truly phenomenal. Truly a rock classic.

Young Americans – The perfect marriage of saxophone and rock.

Life On Mars? – Piano, guitar, and lyrics are spot on.

Let’s Dance – I know this song was on my first playlist, but as popular as this song became, lyrically and visually it is one of my favorites.

Lazarus – “Look up here, I’m in heaven.”

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