Thoughts From the End of the Longest Summer

After being out of school for nearly 4 months – the longest I can remember being out of school for – the educational drought finally was quenched (though perhaps a little too quickly due to my atrophied mind from such a long break).

Last Monday, summer break had finally come to a halt – though I suppose summer officially ended a few days prior. With that brought the already intimidatingly copious amounts of reading and assignments that accompany the British education system. That’s not to mention the continued struggles of navigating the course registration chaos at LSE and credit equivalencies predicament at AU. (Pestered and frustrated doesn’t even begin to capture my emotions – but that’s a whole other story that I shall save for later because this is still an on going issue in my life #bucket4mycreyz…)

Today, I give you the thoughts that have entered my mind throughout Weeks 2 (& now 3) of my stay abroad, and give you my thoughts on Week 1 & 2 of lectures and classes, and life and how quickly academia has taken it over.

  • The days that I get to sleep in are precious and awesome – gold stars for days when I can do that
  • Holy cow, there are ~250+ people in my finance lecture?!?!
  • lol also, what is finance because as of now I all I see is statistics and math and lots of variables and I am so confused, like what did I get myself into? (JK I still enjoy it, but I think I would like it a whole lot more if someone would recap on Markowitz’s Portfolio Theory and the Fama-French Model)
  • ALSO, I keep making the mistake of calling lectures “class” and assuming actual LSE students will understand that I mean “lecture”
  • ADDITIONALLY, if I say “class” I assume much too often that people can differentiate between when I mean actual class/tutorials and lectures (UK why ya gotta be so complicated?)
  • L I T E R A L L Y, timetables will be the death of me because I still have no clue to this minute when certain lectures & classes take place and if my name even shows up on course registers, but I am really trying hard to stay optimistic and positive (cue my jam, courtesy of Broadway:
  • I am pleasantly surprised by my marketing class – it is quite interesting!
  • Living minutes away from the majority of London’s tourist attractions is both a blessing and a curse (blessing – the Queen is my neighbor, the parks/Royal Parks are such good places to run and to escape from the city/school work and really just re-energize, I get to hear Big Ben everyday, etc.; curse – SO MANY TOURISTS, tourists regularly disrupt the “London pace” of walking, tourist buses means more tourists entering & leaving Trafalgar Square, etc.)
  • The BFI’s London Film Festival started (7 October <– look I did it the British way!) and it’s got me feelin’ some kinda way and is really another saving grace in my life (YAS all the films, all the celebrities, all the fangirling YAS)
  • Learning to make new friends again – good because friends, bad because I am sometimes really awkward at first… I promise I’m not anti-social!
  • My roommate is so nice – she is a freshman and is as lost as me, but no harm, we shall conquer London in sure time!
  • So… where is Prince Harry and how can I meet him?
  • ALSO, where is everyone else in the Royal Family so I can meet all of them?
  • Am I allowed to babysit Prince George & Princess Charlotte, or…?
  • The Changing of the Guards is quite stately and I’ve finally seen it just 2 weekends ago. Since I live so close by, I plan to watch it several times to figure out the best location/angle/position to watch the entire ceremony!
  • My Mondays and Tuesdays at LSE are so long that a predicted Starbucks revival is on its way back to my life. Perhaps I should tame this potential coffee addiction with a different (maybe local) coffee chain. Again, tea wouldn’t be such a terrible option either.
  • Truth #1: I sometimes speak to myself in a British accent.
  • Truth #2: I am trying to figure out how to perfect the Scottish and Irish accent. (lol actually I’m still trying to perfect the Chinese and Indian accent too)
  • I have noticed there are very different accents depending where you come from in London/the UK. Some are super subtle, but others like super noticeable (Cockney – I’m talkin’ about you)
  • Sometimes I feel like everyone in London is super tall and I’m just really tiny.
  • LOL what is rain because we had nearly 2 whole weeks of sunshine (it only started raining a bit the past few days) [aka: global warming comin’ atcha]
  • LSE’s library is so nice and there is a spiral staircase and glass elevators and so many tables and chairs and computers… and students studying (already)
  • Everything is so expensive here – I feel like I will have developed the ultimate penny-pinching skills by the end of this term, let alone this year. (Note to anyone looking to buy things in London: if you want to save your money go outside of Zone 1. AKA Zone 3 and beyond – it’s half the price of what you would pay if you were in Central London.)
  • £3 meal deals from Tesco/Sainsbury’s are gems if you want a quick meal, snack/fruit, and drink. Again, some money-saving tips for y’all. 😉
  • Really missing my chelsea boots and cowboy boots at home… how could I have made such a mistake?
  • All the walking around and attempts to run daily can cause knee strain – don’t over do it (note to self).
  • I think I’m starting to get the hang of jaywalking in London… *nearly get’s hit by bus* – keyword: “starting” to get the hang.
  • Still really confused which side of the sidewalk you are supposed to walk on? I thought it was the opposite of the US (so the left side…) which held up for some time, but people just walk in herd-like masses all over the place and I just want to know what the heck is happening?!?!
  • I’m learning that I am quite good at weaving through crowds (the one advantage of being short I suppose).
  • Finally, another one of my saving graces – The Theory of Everything has the best soundtrack to listen to while doing homework if you really want to feel super intensely and emotionally motivated to do work. (You are welcome: also this if you still needed more feels:

And on that note, I take my leave and sign off for now. Hope to write more soon!