Week 1 in London

In just a few hours I will have officially been in London for a week! Crazy, huh?

And how can I even begin to describe it?

Amazing. Scary. Awesome. Nerve-wracking. Beautiful. Historical. Royal (where you at, Prince Harry?). Lots of smokers. Expensive. Exciting. ~Sunshine on my birthday!~ Overall, an opportunity of a lifetime.

I have begun a year-long study abroad program (year meaning school year or approximately 9 months) at the London School of Economics and Political Science, right smack dab in the heart of London. While classes have yet to begin still, the past few days have gone by in the blink of an eye. Just two short days ago I was roaming the streets with my dad before he went back home, secretly wishing he could have stayed a little longer to explore the city with me and regretting (for a short while) that he had to leave so soon.


View of the Thames from Waterloo Bridge

However, even in the two days of being on my own, my homesickness vanished quite quickly (even I am a bit surprised myself – but I suppose having been away from home for school for a few years now has made me more independent in such regards). I met (and am continuing to meet) a fantastic group of people not just from my home university, but also from across the world. I’m truly blessed and grateful for the opportunity to be at such a prestigious university, though I have been extremely stressed out for the past few weeks due to MANY unforeseen circumstances regarding the transferring of credits, course selections, communicating between what feels like five million different advisors, and being able to graduate early/on time. Nevertheless, I hope that things will begin to settle down as classes and lectures begin, and I am trying to remain optimistic and positive throughout this chaotic – and hopefully, temporary – period.

To reflect on the pluses so far, LSE has already provided me with many exciting experiences that have surpassed my expectations. The campus alone is centrally located in London. I live right down the street from Trafalgar Square (I’m also so close to Buckingham Palace and listen for the number of bell tolls from Big Ben to figure out the time). I went on a free boat ride down the River Thames. And wow, there is just so much going on and so many more things that will happen that it is hard not to keep positive!


“Look, a clock. Don’t have those in America.” ~Ron Swanson

Regardless, I’m anxious to see what the year brings and what London, the UK, and Europe has in store for me – but there is no doubt in my mind that this will be an important and worthwhile adventure in my life and I can’t wait to dive in!

I’ll try my best to post when I can, so stay tuned! (I promise the India posts will continue too!)

Post Script: As I promised earlier, the British Invasion playlist! Jam to your heart’s content and enjoy! Cheers, mates! (That’s how the Brits do it, right?)