British Invasion Playlist #1

In honor of being in London for a week, here are ten tunes to feed your anglophile souls.

“What Makes You Beautiful” For you Directioners, I begin this playlist with a tribute to One Direction, circa the era when Zayn was still a strong force within the quintet. It’s an upbeat, sunshine-y song perfect to reflect the sunny weather during the past few days.

“Come Together” Throwing it back to 1969, and in honor of walking across Abbey Road and creating traffic jams, a classic Beatles jam.

“Let’s Dance” Because come on, David Bowie is just fab. Put on those red shoes and dance the blues, kids.

“Disco Love” If you like a good girl group, then the Saturdays (who have been around forever) is the one for you. I like to think that they were the original inspiration for Little Mix – not 1D.

“Black Magic” Wow, so I actually really like this song (so catchy!) even though it kept playing on the radio this summer, but whatever, Little Mix does no wrong.

“Paint It Black” In honor of Mick Jagger having gone to LSE (such a cool fun fact!) here is the song for you to listen to if you are especially angsty and moody during the cloudy and rainy London (or if you are elsewhere [insert city/town here]) days. Or, if you are old school and remember Guitar Hero – one of the best songs to jam to.

“Bennie and the Jets” You can’t go wrong with Elton John, so here is a classic tune to get you groovin’.

“Baba O’Riley” Another classic song made possible by the Who.

“Wrapped Up” So I thought Olly Murs disappeared off the face of earth until I heard this on the radio when in a taxi on my first day in the UK. Really catchy!

“Hometown Glory” What better way to wrap up this playlist with Adele? (You forgot about that booming voice, didn’t you?) But with a new album anticipated to come out sometime soon and a song dedicated to her hometown of London, here’s a #TBT for you all!

Hope you’re ears aren’t bleeding after this eclectic mix of music, and hope you’re feeling those British vibes. Rock on, my friends. Rock on!