Penny Lane

Whoa, so tomorrow I leave for my next adventure in London. To honor the occasion, here is a blast from the past. Stayed tuned for my British Invasion playlist!

[And to all of you still waiting for my “India Highlights” series to continue – don’t you fret! More follow up posts are on the way!]

Note from the Future (December): To all you careful watchers, you may have noticed/remembered that on my old Tumblr blog the original song I posted was “I Am The Walrus” by the Beatles. However, since YouTube has failed me by taking down the video (believe me, it is a fabulous one and I am so sad that it is no longer there), I present to you my other favorite Beatles song “Penny Lane” which is still quite fitting. Enjoy! 

Note from the Future 2 (April): Because Spotify is the true gem, and now that the Beatles’ albums are all on it I can re-share “I Am The Walrus” with you all again! Hooray!