A Long Time Coming

Exactly one month and one day later and I am finally starting this blog… What has taken nearly two decades, countless days of mulling over, and the crossing of ten time zones, at last, I have made it to the other motherland – India.

Had you asked me at the start of summer what my plans were, I would have told you that I had no idea. Yet, an opportunity came knocking not too long after wrapping up with finals in May. I had been offered to intern in India – and at a multinational firm at that. For over a month I went back and forth on what I was going to do.

Accept the position and confront my hesitations?

Stay at home and continue to wonder when I would visit India?

Eventually, I realized, internship or not, that the opportunity was too big to turn down – as last minute as it ended up becoming. More than anything, this would be a learning experience for me. In many ways, my trip to India has become a test of my own mental, physical, and emotional strength before my next journey to London.

My time here so far has not just been work and interning (though the past week has felt like such), but has been a homecoming of sorts. After years I am finally reconnecting with many of my “long lost” relatives, figuring my through the corporate culture of India, witnessing its beauty and rich history, eating fresh and authentic Indian food (wait till I tell you about the mangoes), and even getting sick, all while allowing my perspective of the world to expand and grow.

But before I get caught up in a long retelling, why not procrastinate a little longer and keep the suspense growing? I know you all must be dying to hear more about my adventures during the past month, and I’ll try my best to recap on the past few weeks as soon as I can, but for now work calls. Until then!